Sanjana Kapoor Hidden gem of the Kapoor family

Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal's daughter, Sanjana Kapoor has been running her grandfather's Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai since 1993. Talent and beauty personified, Sanjana has always come across as self-assured, grounded and filled with a very real sense of purpose. Notably, she always shied away from using any association with her famous uncles or cousins (or her illustrious roots on her mother's side) to benefit herself or the theatre.

Sanjana dabbled a bit in films when she was younger, but soon realized she was cut out for something else. She is stunning to behold for sure and has the trademark Kapoor features. But in my opinion what makes her so incredibly unique and beautiful is the fact that she doesn't seem to know it! Sanjana wears cotton salwars and sarees, haphazardly pulls her hair back and wears little to no make up. She comes off very well-spoken in interviews and even though she has such legendary roots, she seems extremely relatable.

Sanjana is 44 years old today and plans to give up the reins of Prithvi Theatre in 2012 to start a new project. To me she will always be a rare treasure in the Kapoor family. Her cousins Karisma, Kareena and Ranbir are all hard working, driven individuals, but there is part of them that seems to relish in the media attention and the glamour of being a celebrity (which I don't blame them for one bit). Sanjana on the other hand has accomplished so much without receiving anything in return. Let's be honest, there can't be that much money or fame running a theatre company, compared to being a worldwide star.

So here's to Sanjana Kapoor, the silent star of the Kapoor family. For her dedication to keeping theatre alive in Mumbai and her self-reliance in a town where nepotism runs wild. May she always be happy and continue to do what she loves.